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Jokes and Skits
Smoke Signals

1st scout       "Hey George, look over there, smoke signals"

2nd scout      "Oh ya , what do they say?"

1st scout       pretending to look away through binoculars, says very slowly,

"Help... My... Blankets... On... Fire.

Fly in the Soup

Customer:  "Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup ! "

Waiter: (Enters, very snooty, peering into the soup)   
  "Oh,  yes, you are right sir. That will be an extra 25 cents for the meat. "

Customer: "But waiter, he's swimming all over the top ! "

Waiter: (Still snooty) "You are right, sir. It doesn't know it's a fly, sir.
It's doing the Butterfly stroke. "

Customer: "Well, I think it must be an Australian ! "

 Waiter : "Why do you say that sir ? "