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Merit Badge Day
Sunrise River District - Spring Merit Badge Day

When                                                 March 16, 2002
Where                                                Trinity Lutheran Church in Lindstrom
                                                            (Just west of the Dairy Queen on Hwy 8 and 1 Block south of Hwy 8)
Announcements                               8:45am
Merit Badge Start time                   9:00am
End time                                             3:30 to 4:00pm  

Need to bring - A bag lunch, something to drink, merit badge cards filled out and with Scoutmasters approval, writing utensils and paper, and merit badge books. IMPORTANT NOTE: Bring any items that are needed in order to complete a your merit badge. Almost every badge has some requirements that can be completed ahead of time. If it says to show something to counselor you should bring it. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS AHEAD OF TIME.

The following merit badges are being offered:

Animal Science
Citizenship in the Community (limited to 10)
Citizenship in the Nation
Crime Prevention
Drafting (limited to 3 or possibly 6 with another driver)
Pets/Scholarship in the AM
Collections in the PM
Vet Medicine (about 90% sure)

If anybody would like to do a merit badge - please let Beth know

A limited number of boys per class-so, Scoutmasters please call with the names of the boys and classes they are taking ASAP or email Beth at

On March 16th, there will be no registration at the door.

Also no drop offs - an adult representative from each troop must stay with the boys all day. Each troop is responsible for their own boys. ALSO NO BOYS ARE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE CHURCH PROPERTY UNLESS THEY ARE IN A SPECIAL CLASS.

Some classes will be held at other locations - will need drivers - see attached form to be signed.

All Scouts must have an informed consent and hold harmless agreement form signed by a parent or guardian before he can take a class - This will be picked up by the Counselors in the beginning of the session.


Merit Badge Requirement sign-off form

If a scout has completed badge requirement(s) before Merit Badge Day, please take the time to fill out the form below. This form should be attached to the Scout's Merit Badge card and turned into the counselor at the beginning of the Merit Badge session. You may wish to keep a copy for your records.

Merit Badge ___________________________________________________________________________

Scouts Name ___________________________________________  Troop # ________________________

Has completed requirement(s) # ______________________________  Date Completed _______________

Scout Signature _________________________________________________________________________

Scoutmasters Signature ___________________________________________________________________

Please remember that prior sign-offs are the responsibility of the Scout and Scoutmaster, not the Counselor. Scouts may be asked to demonstrate their knowledge on the signed-off requirements and/or help with other scouts on these requirements during the merit badge session.

Informed Consent And Hold-Harmless Agreement

Some of the Merit Badges for Merit Badge day will be held at the Counselors business. There will be some driving or walking from the church to the businesses.

I understand that participation in Merit Badge Day offered through Sunrise River District, Indianhead Council, Boy Scouts of America, involves a certain degree of risk. I have carefully considered the risk involved and have given ___________________________ my son, my consent to participate at Merit Badge day on March 16, 2002.

This form must have both parent/guardian and scouts signatures:

____________________________                                                  ______________________________
Adult Name (Print)                                                                           Scouts Name (Print )

____________________________                                                 _______________________________
Adult signature                                                                                 Scouts signature

____________________________                                                 _______________________________
Date                                                                                                  Date

Troop# ______________________                                                                                                    

District ______________________

Telephone number + area code for emergencies _______________________________________________